The HiFI Active Sky XP cannot be installed.



Thanks Hermann for the hint … I can confirm that the setup is corrupt. We have just created new ones and we are publish the files as soon as possible. When they are online I will inform you here … Sorry for the troubles and thanks for the hint!


Danke Richard, super Service!
Gruss aus der Schweiz.

files are all updated now - should work. Please check and if possible give us a feedback (but be aware, we take only positive one :rofl:). Danke!
Liebe Grüße

“C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASXP\NavigraphData\ASXP”

looks like you have any security or open-file issue on your machine? Can you look, if you have this 7f4fb…index file in this folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASXP\NavigraphData\ASXP), and when yes if you can delete it manually?

I can´t reproduce it here on my machine

I’m having the same problem for as16, GSX

Joao Peralta

I have never had any problems!
7f4fb…index file in this folder …negative!

If I have a folder on the desktop called “ASXP”, then I can install into this folder.
Then I copy the data into the HIFI, it works.
A direct installation in HIFI does not work?

… Hermann, can you please try to install it as “Admin” (right mouse click “run as Administrator”)

Thank you,

It works!
Danke Richard.

Hm, bitte … but it´s a little bit strange why this happens now.

The installer uses the rights of the user which are logged in, so when your user are not in the admin-group you should had this issue before too. Therefore our recommendation (to avoid this), to run the manual installers “as Admin” - but strange that you hadn´t this issue before.

Do you know, if you have made any windows update since the last AIRAC cycle? Possible, that was the reason …

… but anyway: It´s general highly recommanded to run the installer “as admin” (either with the right-click or that you use is an admin user).

Servus & sorry nochmals,

True, I have never had this problem but there has been a windows update.
Ok, all clear.
3 green lights

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