Navigraph and Active sky

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Navigraph and AS12 are both working great on my X-PLANE 12 for PC.

  • last version installed in C:\Active Sky is 8775 - x-plane 12 /PC -

  • current AIRAC Navigraph 2313 -current AIRAC Acrive Sky 2210

I’m trying to update the AIRAC in AS12.

where should my last AIRAC Navigraph FMS Data Manager be installed regarding AS12? Thank you for your help JR/

Hello! Thanks for posting.

The FMS Data Manager is used to detect addons and install navigation data (AIRAC) in the correct locations. Do you have any issues with this process? It should find your AS12 installation and allow you to update its data automatically.

If FMS Data Manager is not able to automatically detect your AS12 installation, you can add it manually by following these steps:

In the last step, the “Default folder” option should work. If it does not, perhaps this topic could be interesting as it shows both a solution to a potential issue and what location you can expect to install your AIRAC into (HiFi\ASXP\NavigraphData\ASXP):

Let me know if you get stuck!

Kind Regards,