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During the last weeks I get more and more confronted to “approve” the use of Navigraph Charts and am asked to login in again. This ist not very user friendly as it happens so often. I did not find a way to stop that (like a “remember password” option). Advice appreciated.

Rgds J.

Hi! Thanks for posting.

That does not sound like the intended behavior. Could you clarify in which app you are seeing these issues? You mention Navigraph Charts, but you have posted in the Navigraph Hub section of the forum!

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Sorry Malte, I may have posted the topic in the wrong section. Anyway, the issue comes up, when I start the Navigraph App (MSFS running). Once in a while the Navigraph App does not open as usual but I am redirected to the Navigraph Website and am asked to “Approve” with another sign-in, although I am definitely signed-in for Navigraph Charts. This did not occur in the past.

Rgds, Juergen

No worries! Thanks for clarifying.

Hmm. That is odd. Can you verify that your system time is set correctly (auto)?

How often is “every once in a while”? If possible, please note the exact time the next time that it happens!

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In addtion to my recent email below, here are the screenshots, as the issue just showed up again. The first screenshot shows up, when I try to start the Navigraph Charts App. The second screenshot shows the Window, after I clicked :


From our point of view, it looks like you are either signing out yourself or getting automatically signed out.
I think we can rule out the first option, so let’s look at the second!

There are a couple of reasons why you would be signed out automatically. The core reasons would be:

  • The credentials that you received the last time you signed in are no longer valid
  • We failed to reach our servers to verify that your credentials are valid

Things like system time, firewalls, antiviruses, proxies, VPNs etc. can have an impact on this. Have you made any changes to your setup recently?

For us to investigate further, please:

  1. Uninstall Charts from your computer
  2. Download and install Charts from this link

This should let us see more of what’s happening for you in these cases!

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

have uninstalled and downloaded/installed Navigraph Charts from the given link.

Rgds, Juergen

Great! Please do let us know when this issue comes up for you again and we’ll see if we can find the cause.

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It just happened again, when Windows returned from a power-saving mode.

Hi there, I have exactly the same issues for quite some time now. Constantly have to log myself in and also reload the flightplan. In former times, this did not happen, though I don’t remember how long ago that was.
Best regards

We have some logs from this session. The weird thing is - there was never even any attempt to verify that you were signed in - it’s as if your computer forgot about you signing in earlier…

Hmm, so the flight is unloaded for you when you open Charts?

@jelvers is this the case for you as well?

In that case, this is starting to sound like permission issues in your filesystems. It’s quite hard to verify, but we’ll try to find a way! As a first step, could you follow these instructions:

  1. Exit Navigraph Charts if it is running
  2. Press Win + R
  3. In the dialog that opens, insert the following:
cmd /c rmdir /s /q "%APPDATA%\Navigraph Charts\Local Storage"
  1. Press enter
  2. Start Navigraph Charts

You should be signed out. Sign in again, and report back if you are signed back out again!

Kind Regards,

Ok, I used the command to remove the local storage. What I noticed though, I have 2 folders in the Appdata/Programs:
“Navigraph Charts” and “navigraph-charts”. The first one is emtpy now, the 2nd one not. Should both be erased? Or should I completely reinstall Charts?
One more question: Could it help, if the program exe-file had admin-privileges?

That’s odd. Yes, delete both and reinstall the app for safe measure!

No, the app should never be run with admin privileges. It will more than likely just cause more problems than it would solve!

Hello there! With the recent updates released for the Navigraph Hub, these issues should have been fixed. If you see anything like it again, please create a new topic as it is unlikely to be related!

Kind Regards,

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