Navigraph charts wont load Simbrief

I’ve made several flight in Simbrief and can get them to load into the CRJ, but I can’t get the flight to load into Navigraph. I keep getting an error that says, “SimBrief username:________ doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP.” Any ideas?



You need to create an OFP in Simbrief. Please see What is an 'OFP'?.


I have made the OFP by generating the flight in SimBrief. I can load it into my Aerosoft CRJ but I can’t load the flight in Navigraph Charts. That’s when I get the above listed error.

Make sure you enter your Simbrief username into Charts Settings, in top right drop down list.


My Simbrief user name matches the username in Navigraph Charts. It still gives me the error.

To confirm, the message
SimBrief username:________ doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP
has the blank line?

Maybe post screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots



Just to confirm, have you set your username in the Charts options? To do so, in Charts, click the profile icon at the very top-right of the window, then click “Settings”, then enter your Navigraph/SimBrief username into the “SimBrief username” text field. To confirm, the username you would enter here is “yojogo”.

Click save, then create a new flight in Charts by clicking Flights → New Flight → From SimBrief, and it should load your latest flight plan.

If you get an error message when accomplishing any of these steps, please post a screenshot as Ian described above.


I think I’ve got everything correct per your instructions.

Hi, appears to be a typo in your username. Your username is “yojogo”, not “yojoego”.

OMG, I’m stupid. It works. Thanks

No problem, glad it’s working for you now!

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