Error 400 on Ipad but the flight plan is loaded in Desktop App

Hi, can’t seem to retrieve the route I created on the Desktop App on Ipad (not on the native Ipad app or in Navigraph browser from the Ipad)

It would say error 400 and now it is just taking forever to load and doesn’t come up with anything.

I got the same problem…at least you are not alone

might be their servers are down (after searching similar problems in the forum)

I think their servers are having issues. The simbrief downloader struggled for me just now. And now I can’t pull my flight plan on my ipad or on the browser.

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Same problem.

Weekend flights are not available. :cold_face:

I can’t seem to load random airports in Navigraph charts, planning a flight from NZQN and nothing happens when I enter the ICAO, just spinning circles.

URGENT: cannot download flightplan via desktop app or iPad app just now. Cannot create manual route. Charts available

Anybody home?

the pain is when the simmers have got their only free time to fly (on a Sunday) we experience this kind of issues

Same for me !!! Error 400 ! @Navigraph please do something. It is frustating to pay for an unavailable service :slight_smile:

Servers are down it seems. No access via desktop charts app and wont allow manual input of flightplan.

Same issue for me as OP - Error 400 on both Desktop and iOS app. The application does detect my plane at KBOS, but is not loading the route from Simbrief.

Same here. Hope it is just servers.

Same problem for me here

We’re actively investigating this. Please standby.



Hi all,

Should be back now. Please verify. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.



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Seems to be working now. Thanks!

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Thank you, works for me. Cheers…

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