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I have been away for about 16 months . Just coming back so all mynroutes Sid stars are out of date . I wanted a quick flight lax to sfo but when I went to print the airport charts there was nothing to say print . It would let me do the Sid kind of . It would only print 1/3 of the chart and all of the menu on the left

Hello Jeff! Welcome to the forum.

When it comes to printing Charts, the button you’re looking for is only available in the desktop app, not in the cloud version found at

Please let me know if you’re still seeing this issue after switching to the desktop app and we will look into it!

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It’s weird , on my home computer ( 5 days old ) there is no print bottom on the. Bottom right hand side . But the desktop version on my work computer and it’s there . Both are desktops and windows

Are you sure that both are desktop apps? Some browsers will allow you to create desktop shortcuts that, when clicked, open a window that looks quite similar to the desktop app.

As far as I know, there is no scenario where the button would not show up in the desktop app :thinking:

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Hi I am a new user to Navigraph charts and I tried to print from Charts Cloud but found the same problem.
My way to print the chart required is to use the sniping tool which is with most versions of windows, save and then print.

I think there is a misunderstanding here. I am referring to the desktop app, not a desktop computer. That is, you will never see the print button on Charts Cloud ( You will only find it in the desktop app, downloadable from the Your Account > Downloads > Charts page on our main website.

If I understand your post correctly, you are attempting to access Charts in a web browser, which would mean that you are trying to use Charts Cloud and thus you will not have this button.

Please let me know if you are using the downloaded version and you still see this issue!

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Perhaps I am confusing this situation. I will hopefully clarify.
I read that a user cannot print the charts when using Navigraph Charts Cloud on a different PC from the Flight Simulator. This may well be his laptop or a tablet.
This is the same issue I have when using Charts cloud on my laptop.
My solution is to use the “Sniping Tool” app which is normally bundled with other apps on Windows but can be downloaded free.
Using this app allows the chart to be saved and downloaded to a file of your choice and then printed. Job done!

Yes, you can absolutely use the snipping tool to take screenshots. You can also install our desktop app, which comes with a print feature built-in! :smiley:

Your solution works too, but it is not the “official” way.

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Thanks for that input however my main monitor is being used solely for FSimulator. The LH second monitor is used for LNM/vPilot/and TeamSpeak which is useful for checking who else is online within our group. My laptop is slightly smaller than the second monitor and is therefore more suited to be used on the RH side with Chart clouds. I think that is the best set up for me. Now if Navigraph could set up a print feature within chart clouds that would make everyone happy.
Perhaps one item I have found slightly odd within Navigraph charts. Unless I have it completely wrong some airport charts cannot be used with moving map. IE EGLL and EGKK are two large airports which I use regularly but find that option to follow the aircraft on the taxiway is not available.
Thanks again

You can install our Charts application on the laptop as well, any computer running macOS or Windows can install our software. I’ll take your feedback into consideration for the next version of Charts!

This could be expected and the reason why has been discussed in other topics. The reason is often that the chart contains parts that are not to scale, and thus they cannot be georeferenced. Looking at EGKK 20-9A for example, the top left corner contains a cutout.

Here is an answer from one of the topics:

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