Upgrading to Charts Deleted all saved Flights


Upgrading to Charts Deleted all saved Flights from the Flights window. How do I restore them from your servers?

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Yes new charts is garbage if I’ve lost my hundreds of flight plans, and I will certainly not be re subscribing if i cannot get them back!!!

Why change something that was perfect that did not need fixing (angry).


What happened to the old format which worked great? Now I have to accept ads? I pay for a subscription! And how do I printout the charts now?

Flight plans and favorites are missing. I put a lot of work into some flight plans and I saved a lot of airports. The favorite feature is completely missing it seems.

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So how do I now printout charts? I use paper charts. That is why I subscribe to Navigraph. I have been a long time user and always able to printout copy of charts. Why is this basic function no longer available. Help! Anyone?

Pull up the chart and press the print icon?

I have no “print icon” visible. I have reinstalled app but still no icon. Is there something in Windows 10 that I need to change? I had no problem printing charts with prior version of Navigraph. Any further help or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks

The only thing i can think of is you are using the overlay option? Just click on the chart so it appears opaque (non transparent) and the options are on top. the overlay/transparent version lacks icons so you cant print from there. Unless i am mis-understanding you.

@wewk584 That is not the answer. I can isolate the chart without overlay but do not have a printer icon.

I found new link on my desktop and clicking this link solved the problem. Icon now appears.

Hi all,

The print function is only available in the Desktop app. Just like in the previous version 7.



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