Navigraph Charts 8 desktop for the Mac

First of all, my compliments on Navigraph 8, this is by far the best upgrade ever! Both the VFR and IFR options are great, thanks for that!

I only have an issue with Charts for the Mac, it doesn’t run very well. I have tried to reinstall it but keep having the same issues. It is very slow and many times it doesn’t show the whole screen. It feels like it is stuck all the time. The web version is working much faster. Am I the only one with this issue? What could cause this? It looks like the mac app has an issue with refreshing the information.

Thanks and I am looking forward to the taxi support option!

Hello! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words & feedback!

What architecture are you currently on? The app is currently not optimized for the M1/M2 family but will be in the near future.

Perhaps you’re on Apple silicon?

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I’m on a standard Mac mini (3,6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i3), have the same issue on my Macbook and also on the iPad. When I run the online charts, I have no issues at all.

A friend of mine has exactly the same issues on both his Macbook and his iPad… Let me know if you need more info!


ps: it looks like a refresh issue, it has a problem getting info back…

Do you mean the map itself? Would be great if you could record something that we can use as a reference!

I will collect some more data.

First of all, when I unload a route the screen takes be back to the “what’s new” page and I have to sign in again. This also happens randomly when I am in the app, for example when I want to change a departure. This happens not every time, but occasionally and randomly…

That is a known issue that we’re currently working on! See Navigraph Charts 8 - Keeps Requiring Login Won't Remember Credentials

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ok, great!

I will keep a log on the issues that I run into. Thanks for your support!

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