Different charts for the same procedure

Hi. If I open a chart from the chart list I can see a procedure, but after adding it to the pinboard I notice some differences in the procedure.
For example, in the LIEE NDB rwy 32 there are two approaches (CAT C&D and CAT A&B), only one remains after the addition.
What do you suggest?

This is likely the difference seen comparing the Standard with the CAO charts. (Navigraph Chart Mode)

What is your Standard/CAO setting in the app’s settings (top right corner)?

What is your Standard/CAO setting for your current flight?

Which chart are you actually seeing? CAO approach charts have a stylized A letter at the top of the chart:

Thanks for the reply Stephen.
The chart mode in the app’s setting is Standard IFR.
The flight setting is Standard IFR.

In the chart list I see the standards IFR procedures while in the pinboard they are CAO (stylized A letter).
Is it possible to somehow see the standard ifr charts in the pinboard?

There seems to be a bug affecting this - it always shows the CAO chart when opening from the pinboard. I have filed an issue. So at the moment it is not possible to affect this, unfortunately, but it will be fixed eventually.

Thanks. I will wait …

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