Different users - Different charts!

I was discussing approaches at FSIA with a VATSIM ATC colleague yesterday and he started talking about a specific approach which I couldn’t see.

When cross referenced, it appears that we had different charts showing in our accounts.

We are both using 7.7.1 of the Desktop app and also checked the Navigraph Charts in browser (each reflected the same charts we could see on our desktop apps). We both have the same level of subscription (Ultimate Yearly).

My Charts list:

His Charts list:

Any thoughts as to why this could be / how to rectify?

check the “chart mode” in the settings - the first screenshot is when you have the “Airline (CAO)” mode active, the second one is the “Standard IFR mode”

Go into the settings and change both to the same mode, than you should see always the same - Standard IFR is more or less the recommended mode:

You see this also directly on your screenshots. On “his” chart list you see the additional note “This airport has Airline (CAO) charts. Can be changed in settings”. On your screenshot you don´t see this information, that means, you use the Airline CAO mode - and therefore the difference.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Richard, I could’ve sworn we’d checked that but obviously not!

No problem, but the “note” and the different charts indicates exactly that … so, I´m pretty sure, that this is the reason. Don´t forget to re-start the app after you have changed it …


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