Navigrah charts will not work with MSFS 2020 King Air 350

How to load Navigraph Charts on MSFS 2020 King Air 350?



If you are referring to the Navigraph In Game Panel it is available here.

You install using Navigraph Navdata Center.

Let us know if you need further help.


I keep getting “500 Internal error occured”

error id: 3fa7ee6a-e9e4-4f7a-82c1-93505b71b293

For the longitude, not the King Air; have tried every “fix” I can find but the charts won’t load in game.

I’m also getting 500 Internal error on the Bonanza. Why is this?

Is this the in-game panel? Could you please provide a screenshot?



Yes, the in-game panel, when clicking on the link or scanning the QR code it opens the browser and after logging in the error comes up and can’t use the panel inside the sim. It worked ok this morning though, guess sometimes it works with no error and sometimes not.
Navigraph charts outside the sim work ok, though.
I’ll make a screenshot next time it happens.


Hi Team,

Yes apologies, we had a bug which has been corrected. Please confirm it is working for you.


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