Missing On-Route Waypoints; Headwind A339; Navigraph account linked

Hi, I am very new to Navigraph and I think it is awesome! But I have encountered an unexpected issue on a flight from KLAX to PAFA. During my flight, several Waypoints were skipped along the Canadian coast, namely INHAM, YZT and YZP. The aircraft tracked directly from TOU to YAK.

I hope you can help me find the cause. I have tried to find existing discussions on this topic but found only threads dealing with SID or STAR waypoints.

The .pln file is attached. I am using MSFS2020.

KLAXPAFA_MFS_16Nov23.pln (12.7 KB)

I have checked your flightplan and it seems ok, with INHAM, YZT and YZP included. I have also loaded your flightplan in the MSFS WorldMap and here too, all your “missing” waypoints are included:

So, it´s definitively no flightplan issue. Than I have loaded the fp in the Headwind A339 and here too, I see all waypoints in the FMC:

So, I assume more a addon issue then a flightplan or navdata issue because all these waypoints are in the MSFS, are in the flightplan and are loaded correctly (as you see) in the Headwind A339 FMC.

Sorry, but please contact Headwind here that they can check what happened in the background.


Hi Richard,

thanks a lot for your quick reply. I figured it might be an issue to do with the import of the FP. I have recently joined Navigraph, but have been using SimBrief for a while. This issue never occurred while using SimBrief. But that might be coincidence.

Just one last question, I imported directly into the EFB/MCDU without loading the .pln file into the MSFS World Map first. Would you recommend this step?


Hi again,

No, the Headwind EFB had an direct Simbrief import function and thats excellent and the best way to import OFPs into the aircrafts. Please be sure, that you are using in both “worlds” (Simbrief and MSFS) the same current AIRAC cycle - currently 2311.

Don´t try to load outdated flightplans because it can be that these flightplans which are possible built with an older cycle, that here some airways are not the same, waypoints are removed/added, … so you should always be in sync between SimBrief and the navigational data in the FMC.

In your case, with your issue … have you checked the leg-pages in the FMC AFTER you have loaded the flightplan from Simbrief via the EFB? Do you see all waypoints? Also, when you´re on-route, check the FMC legs regulary to see, if the aircraft follow the leg-sequence correctly.

Again, I don´t see any issue on our side. The flightplan is correct, contains all waypoints, can be loaded in the FMC and also in the charts and all waypoints are in the correct sequence. Possible, there is a glitch somewhere in the Simbrief import function of the Headwind … but from my point of view, it´s no flightplan/data issue.


Thanks Richard,

I’ll try to find out how I can verify the AIRAC cycle in MSFS, this might be an issue. Otherwise I will get in touch with Headwind, if the issue arises again.

I’ll also check the flight plan in the MCDU more thoroughly before take off.

And thanks for the great work at Navigraph - Adds a whole new level to the experience…

Best Regards

Hi again,

just on thing. I am using a Navigraph subscription, apparently this ensures the current AIRAC in MSFS - or did I misunderstand something?

Thanks again

Thank you very, very much for this kind words - it´s an excellent team-work here and we try our best to improve our services, apps so good as we can … also a thank you to you for your loyalty and of course, your subscription to our services.

No, absolutely correct but be aware, that you must update the AIRAC cycle for MSFS via the Navigraph Hub. This is not an automatic process and must be done every month by yourself. Possible that´s clear - than sorry for my explanation.


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