Navdata in MSFS 2020?


Working Title has updated their Garman G1000Nxi, and some time in Jan 2023, will “refresh” their G3000, bringing it up to date.

Will both these Garman navigation systems be capable of accessing Navigraph data, or will they only use default MSFS data?

Yes, I will post some of my questions on the Working Title discord site as well to better understand where they may be headed.

William Clark

Hi William,
all tools, addons, sceneries which are using the in-game stock data, can also be using our MSFS data.

We “replace” (or better re-order the priority) the stock data with our data, data our data will be used … So, all WT aircrafts, Garmins at the moment and of course in the future can handle our data too without any resteictions (only the MSFS internal ones, but for that we have no influence).

In other words:
Our navigation package for MSFS is 100% compatible. We use Jeppesen as our source, so we offer a really world-wide coverage and not a partly + a mix between FAA data and NavBlue data. Thats the great benefit of our package - also in combination with the real-world charts, flightplaning with our new IFR/VFR chart app or SimBrief, an excellent tool too, with much more features for dispatching.

Hope that helps

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