The PMS50 GTN750 and TDS Sim GTN750xi question

As I am thinking of getting the new A2A Comanche 250 for MSFS I would like to add the GTN750. I have tried google etc to try and find out if either of these can use Navigraph data. I think the PMS50 version is. Can anyone help confirm if either of these can use Navigraph data.

I can confirm that the PMS50 version can read and display SimBrief flight plans and display Navigraph Charts (provided you have a subscription).

Thank’s Hans. I was hoping the TDS version would also but it looks like I am out of luck with that.

I only can comment on the PMS50, I don’t own the other version.
And by all means: get the Comanche! Well worth the money - it’s system depth is mind-boggling!

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Unfortunately not! Since the TDS GTN750 and GTNXi are based on real Garmin trainers, the only supported data format for both charts and navigational data is Garmin’s own.

We technically could provide this format, but if we did, the format could also be used in real-world Garmin devices which is a no-go from a legal perspective. So unfortunately, at least for now, there are no Navigraph integrations for this product. Feel free to reach out to their team and let them know about your wish! We’d be happy to work with them.

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