NavData generating huge legs again in sim (World Update 12 NZ)

Thanks for your help @marekkye1

Still looking for the reason … sorry

Hi again folks,
this test-case is really only for insider

Following test-scenario:

  • close the sim
  • move (and overwrite) this file into the navigraph-navdata folder (located in your community-folder)
    layout.json (218.7 KB)
  • start the sim and try to load the FPs again

This file is only for loading the navdata BGLs and has nothing todo directly with the sim. So you can´t really destroy anything - worst case is, that you must re-install the AIRAC cycles via the Navigraph Navdata Center :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your help

with new layout:

Looks good, perfect - thanks for testing @bravetoss … It looks there is a bug in the WU12 version.

It´s the “BoundaryWARNING.bgl” file and I have only deleted this BGL from the layout file - therefore this file will not be loaded. In that moment, where the sim loads this file (means included in the layout file), the issue is back … the “BoundaryWARNING” file contains the red warning zones on the WorldMap.

I have now tested this, with the ASOBO “BoundaryWarning.bgl” (=from the stock data) - exactly the same behavior. In that moment, when the file will be loaded from the sim, you see the “north-pole” issue. When you remove it from the loading list (layout-file) - all is good. So it´s not a navdata issue it´s a bug in the WU12 version somewhere.

I will report this now to ASOBO in the dev forum. As an quick workaround, I will release a second revision, where I remove this “BoundaryWarning” file, that means only that the WARNING areas are not visible but that´s at the moment the only choice to load a flightplan correctly, sorry.


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While the plan loads OK now, there are no Departures, Arrivals, Approaches other than Direct available now.
Tried to shut and start the sim several times - remains the same

With the old layout file looks like below

Thanks @NAVData Richard for working quickly and deeply on this!

Standby please - I´m currently building a second revision.

When I´m ready you should update your AIRAC cycle via Navigraph Navdata Center as normal and than all should be back. This is only a temporary solution but our only one till ASOBO had fixed this.



it is more simpler but it´s still a bug in the WU12 version:

May I ask you another testing @bravetoss , @Casualclick

  • please re-install the AIRAC cycle 2302 revision 1 that we all have the same initial/base situation
  • open the layout.json file from the navigraph-navdata folder (Notepad, Notepad++, … any editor, it´s a simple text file)
  • go at the end of this file (till the BoundariesWARNING.bgl line) and add a comma (yes a simple comma) in the line BEFORE the closing ] - normally there is no comma, but add the comma here
  • save the file
  • start the MSFS and try it again please

This is the fix … so there is a bug in the MSFS compiler for the BGLs.


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Checking now. I just edited the file per above.

Nice one @NAVData Richard!

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Get some rest - the weekend already started for you!

Wohoooo … thanks for testing Amando @Casualclick … 15 hours and we crossed the finish line :slight_smile:

I will create a second revision now, which includes this comma as a internal solution. But that´s 100% a bug and we should report this to ASOBO because this file will be automatically created by the BGL creation process with the ASOBO tools.

Thanks again for your help Amando (and of course also @bravetoss and all others here in this thread)
Will inform you here when revision 2 is uploaded and ready …


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Read only after the weekend…

adding the comma acts like removing the entry - no Procedures available in the SIM gui anymore (like your patched one) and JSON with that comma at this position is no longer valid JSON (afaik in Javascript its valid though).
Besides they still change the ID of the Airport entry which leads to the FMS problems.
So Asobo needs to really cleanup their stuff…
Anyway thank you for taking care!!


I see what you’re saying, yep, NQZN (because I loaded the Community Fly-In FPL and that’s the Dest) - has fewer Procedures available listed now - all of them are Visual only. Something for next week!

Also, the change will need to be applied to Charts App and Cloud - this is Cloud on the PC.

I can confirm this @bm9899

So, we will stay without the comma - we have no chance without loosing the terminal procedures, we must wait till ASOBO fix this issue.

So will revert back to revision 1 … sorry guys but it looks, that we can´t fix it - we need ASOBO for this fix.


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Let me know how I can help get it raised @NAVData Richard. If you want to craft something, I can post it for escalation, or if you have a more direct channel from developer to developer, I’m happy to drop a note to whoever I can to raise it once you filed.

Thank you for checking this so quickly and putting that much time into this. This kind of support is not common these days.
At least we know Asobo can broke things even with just World Update.
I guess workaround at the moment is unlink navdata for VFR sightseeing flights (don’t need procedures for them anyway) and link back when doing Airline flights (It should probably work as there are no custom waypoints here I guess).
Enjoy your weekend.

I guess on Bug section of the MSFS forum as normal enduser. Let us know when it is there, as it will need votes. We know, that topics without votes will be ignored.

Thanks Amando - tomorrow I will write a bug report in the forum and dev-forum and I will forward the link here. Possible you can take it than for an internal escalation because I don´t see any chance that we can fix this issue but it´s a clear and reproduce able issue.

Without the comma it´s not working, with the comma it works but you loose other things like terminal procedure, the entry in the Profile->Content Manager is wrong, … and possible other side-effects what we don´t know at the moment.

So, this must be definitive fixed by ASOBO.

I have reverted the cycle back to revision 1 - means, terminal procedures are available but the “north pole” issue is still there (due the missing comma in the layout.json file).

Cheers and have a nice night to all

PS: thanks @bravetoss for your kind words and I will post the links here in this thread - but I will write it tomorrow. Long day today :slight_smile: