Charts Generating Huge Legs for Custom Waypoint Plan

I’m opening this up based on a related Issue that was resolved in MSFS Data. We’re still seeing the same behavior of large legs being portrayed when inputting a plan with Custom Waypoints, this time in Charts using the Web Browser and PC/Desktop - and likely Android (but more on that below). I posted here since it covered so many possible variants of the Charts application.

First, the attached test flight plan was also used to resolve the related Issue above.

Screenshot from browser Charts app:

Screenshot from Desktop PC Charts app:

Build Number for Desktop Charts App:


Android Version - I’ve not been able to recreate this on Android as it only lets me upload a flight plan from Simbrief. But maybe Navigraph Dev Team can test internally using the PLN below since you likely have tools/methods to import it.

2023-02-24 New Zealand.PLN (9.0 KB)


It isn’t really the north pole here but it seems the points end up in the north hemisphere instead of the south. We’re investigating!



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