Navdata FBW Exp. frequency problems

Hi. As the topic says I have trouble with the Navdata file and the FBW Exp. When the file is in the community file the FBW wont accept any freqency on COM1. COM2 is working. So in COM1 is any preset com freq. and when I dial to change it, it changes for about a 1sec. and then return to that random preset freq. When I remove the NAVDATA from the community file, the problem is gone. Any idea what to do or what the problem can be?



Please try the FBW stable v0.7.1 (and maybe Dev version for test)

Does this still occur?


Cheers for the quick reply. Not yet tried the stable, will give it try. But I mean it makes no sense at all that the navdata causes problem.

Ok nvm I found the solution. I just didnt recognize that in the settings the KI was reset to act with the com panel. Sry

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No probs, glad it is resolved.


i have the same problem and basically navigraph have just fobbed me off, its not just the fbw aircraft its all of them, i also would like it sorted

Hi What was the process to rectify this please


As the OP wrote, it was a KI setting in the sim, which solves his problem. Possible, you check this setting also.

In general, we offer only the data and not any logic how and when the data will be used. All these will be done either by the sim or by the user to execute something in the sim.

The data alone doesn’t do anything without any input from in- or outside. You see this also on this solution: we have nothing changed on the data, it was a setting what results this issue.

Sorry to say, but when this would really a navdata issue, you were not alone and you would see a lot of such reports. But there are no such reports, excluding your report. So it doesn’t look like a general, common issue - it looks more a single issue with your installation.


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