NavData Center No Simulators Detected after PC crash

So, my problem started just after 2209 was released. I successfully installed the navdata for MSFS and the PMDG 737-700. However, in the middle of installing the data for the Fenix A320 my pc crashed, and the installer can now no longer find my sim. Not sure what happened when my PC crashed, but it really messed it up. Now 2210 has been released, and still the problem has not been sorted. I’ve tried all suggested fixes, but to no avail. Would appreciate some help :slight_smile:



I suggest reinstalling Latest Navigraph Navdata Center and the Fenix A320.


Wilco. I’ll report back once I’ve tried your suggestion. Thanks a mil :slight_smile:

I’m proud (and slightly embarrassed) to report that my problem has been solved. (And to think I was about ready to completely reinstall MSFS!)

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Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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