MSFS SPZO RNAV28 Approach missing


When flying into SPZO, I am able to manually enter all of the waypoints on the RNAV28 approach but if I try to select the RNAV28 approach, the dropdown menu is blank.
I am using a payware FSDG scenery and have passed this issue on to them as well. (as of today, they aren’t sure why it’s happening).

The MSFS flight planner shows all of the appropriate waypoints but also does NOT contain the actual RNAV28 approach.


Hi Jose,
looks like either a scenery issue or any issue in your scenery-file, because I can select the RNAV28 approach with the default sim-scenery:

What you can also try is to re-organize your scenery-file. Please follow exactly these steps:

When this is not a scenery issue (ie. the scenery delete all terminal procedures for this airport), than this re-organization should fix your problem. But this approach is included in the data, that´s clear …

PS: be aware, there are a lot of DMEArcs and RadialToFix segments included - not so easy to calculate (at least for the in-game flightmanagement impossible). So, don´t be suprise, when it doesn´t look as in the charts. I have tested this with the WorkingTitle CJ4, which uses their own flightmanagement and it looks good so far (better than then the original ones):

Once again, Thank you for the thorough response.
I’ll try the file reorg.

Take Care.


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Please Joe, let us know your result. I will keep this topic open. :sunglasses:

I followed the file reorg instructions.
Using the latest installer, I re-installed Airac data.
Unfortunately- no change.

I’ve reached out to the scenery developer FSDG and their investigation has revealed a discrepancy of available waypoints compared to default MSFS database but they don’t yet know WHY that is happening.

If they figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Thanks again.


Hi Joe,
thanks for the update. The scenery is from FSDG? I will install it and will look deeper into it … I’m still pretty sure, that this is a scenery issue.

One more request:
Can you upload your content.xml file here please? That I can be sure, that this is no scenery prio issue …

Thanks again and we will find a solution - :100:

Hi Joe,
this is a scenery issue - the scenery designer delete all approaches, departures and arrivals in the scenery. The addon sceneries has a higher priority and therefore they overwrite our whole navdatas for this airport (terminal procedures).

You see it in the dev-mode of the sim:

Sorry, but this can only be fixed by the scenery designer

Content.xml (12.7 KB)

Here is my content.xml

Thanks for all of the investigating.

I will pass on your info to FSDG.

Take Care!

Thanks Joe - it´s not on your system … it´s 100% the scenery, which overwrite the navdata :wink:

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