MSFS Navigraph remove ground and tower from LIPB

Navigraph AIRAC data removes ground and tower frequency from Italian airport LIPB (Bolzano).
Removing Navigraph from MSFS (airac data and panel) the frequencies are again available.
Installing Navigraph in MSFS (airac data and panel) the airport becomes only served by traffic frequency.
Please add LIBP frequencies to AIRAC data. (AFIS 120.600).


there is no ground and no tower frequency available at LIPB in real life - only a info frequency and two RDR (which we “translate” to approach) frequencies - according the AIP, there is “only” an aerodrome operator but no tower. The info frequency is coded as INFO but INFO isn´t available in MSFS - it must be “translated” to UNICOM.

Here, directly from the AIP Italy:

Both are included in the MSFS:



thanks for your quick response. Yes, you are correct. Checked the AIP in Enav (Italian regulator) and the only frequency is AFIS … not unicom but I understand.

I was thrilled with the “clean” MSFS airport version, 'cause it has ground handling.

Ok, I’ll obviously stick with documentation. And again thank you for the quick response.


No probs Walt … Don’t know from where the Ground frequency is coming from, from which source vut it’s definitifly wrong.

… and yes the INFO frequency honestly “wrong” as UNICOM but there is no possibility in the MSFS to set it as INFO and the best for us was to set it to UNICOM. We must always see this globaly for the whole world and that makes it sonetimes a little bit difficult …

Thanks again and let us know, whenever you have a question.

Have a nice day,

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