Main Info Frequency at LOAV wrong AIRAC 2108

In the new AIRAC cycle 2108 you changed the main Frequency from 118.605 to 122.305. The result is, that MSFS doesn’t record any Landings anymore. I make my PPL at LOAV and i know, that the main used Frequency is 118.605 from the Tower there. Pls change that!
Thanks Florian

Servus Florian,
LOAV has official two “INFORMATION/UNICOM” frequencies 118.605 and 122.305. Both are inserted in the MSFS - we have no influence what frequencies will be used by the in-game ATC, sorry.



I second Florian.

The Austrian AIP Section LOAV 2.23 has only one Unicom frequency, 118.605

But this seems to be a MSFS error, not Navigraph as I understand.

Hallo Florian,
here from the “aerodrom chart” of LOAV from the AIP Austria, where you see that both frequencies are valid and that both frequencies are existing in real too:

Again, we offer both frequencies according the AIP as you see and both are correct so far.

Thank you. I once had the strange situation that the original ATC offered only the 122.305 frequency (With active Navigraph data). I use Pilot2atc - and here the 118.605 frequency (which is the normal frequency) In this case (no 118.605 frequency present in the original MSFS) no takeoffs and landings were recorded in the logbook. (Previously, at least with 118.605 present, landings were recorded) I tried it without Navigraph in MSFS. MSFS only offers 118.605 (if Navigraph is not installed). However, 122.305 was the only frequency offered in MSFS in the original ATC when Navigraph was active.
Otherwise, MS in FS now seems to be changing the entries in the logbook. It seems that takeoffs and landings are no longer recorded only when ATC is used. I had the strange behavior that once nothing was recorded (previously only landings, not takeoffs) and since yesterday both are recorded in the logbook. Maybe they finally changed the way of logbook entries. In this case you are right - both frequencys should be offerd - and then it makes no problems in the logbook anymore. So yes it is a MS problem!

This is a curious issue.
The Aerodrome Chart in the AIP is the only chart where this frequency shows. It is not listed on the other charts with the SID and STAR and most importantly it is not listed in the information pages for the LOAV, which should be used for reference. I am referring to AIP AD LOAV 2.23
I have not flown out of LOAV for a lot of years now, so I cannot say if using this frequency would bring any response. My assumption would be that this is an error in the Aerodrome Chart, maybe a leftover from older days. It might make sense to raise this with Austro Control

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