Missing Tower option in atc after installing Navigraph navdata

I have a problem with many small airports in Norway i have downloaded from flightsim.to that have functional tower options in the atc menu with default navdata. But when i install navigraph navdate the only option i get is “tune traffic” not “tune tower”… I checked the freq in and their are correct. So why is it when i install navgraph navdata the “tune Tower” option in the atc menu disapers??

can you give us an example scenery please that we can check it? Normally, such issues are due wrong loading priority of the packages. There are a own tool in MSFS (re-order tool in the dev menue), where you can handle this.

But please give us a link to a 3rd paety scenery, that we can check it.

Thank you

One scenery is the ENMS scenery by Sauron on flightsim.to


thanks for the example - I have tested it now and I´m not really sure, if thats really an issue because we haven´t any ATC frequencies at least for this airport. So, there is no record for ENMS here in our data-source.

Here, when I open the ATC window - 3rd party scenery installed + our data:

You see, I can select the “TUNE TOWER” frequency … possible, I miss something here …


I dont get that option. Here is what happen for me.

. Here is the navdata uninstalled

And here is the navdata installed

I have tried to remove everything out of my community folder and only have the enms airport left, but i get the same problem…

please can you post the frequency page from the worldmap - with and without our data installed?

Again, we don’t offer any frequency for this airport, so this traffic frequency is not coming from us.

Therefore please post the frequency page from the WorldMap.

One more what could be intersting:
Remove the 3rd party scenery and try the same with and without our data. What happens then?

Thank you

Here is the pictures

1.Addon ENMS without navigraph

2.Addon ENMS with navigraph

3.Default ENMS without navigraph

4.Default ENMS with navigraph


Hi again,
and thank you very much for the details. I will try to re-check this in the next couple of days - I have possible seen a little bug in our exporter but I´m not sure, if this is really an issue in this case. I have written, we don´t have the frequencies in our database, but that´s wrong - we have it but due currently unknown reason, it will not be imported from the source file and therefore it can´t be exported too.

I must check this first and than I will try all again. Will keep this posting open and I will give you an update to this in the next couple of days.

Thanks again, much appreciated for the details!

There is another issue in the 3rd party scenery and you see this on your screenshots too …

The 3rd party developer doesn´t delete the frequencies from the stock data and therefore the frequencies from the stock scenery are added to his scenery:

In the 3rd party scenery are only Departure (127.900) and Tower (123.400) included (both ATC types doesn´t exist in real - see the screenshot below, but anyway) - then you see the two equal frequencies (Approach and Unicom). These two frequencies are from the underlying stock scenery and that could also be an issue.

So, normally 3rd party scenery designer should delete all underlying data which comes from the MSFS to avoid double frequencies. But this has nothing todo with our data because as I wrote, it looks there is an small import-issue in our tools because currently we don´t offer any frequencies in our packages for this airport.


I think this is the case for more of the scenery in mfs. Default ENRA in the world update nordics and greenland have the same issues. And more of the short 800meters airports in Norway.

I forwarded this to the airport developer. Thanks

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Is there any updates on this?

Is the 3rd party scenery updated? Has the developer removed the underlying frequencies?
I have only fixed the bug with the missing frequencies (ie. ENMS has now the correct frequencies without using a 3rd party scenery).

As I have written before, the problem are the double frequencies with different ATC types and thats because the 3rd party doesn´t disable the underlying frequencies … Thats nothing what we can do, this is a scenery designer task and I have understood, that you have reported it …


Yes i got the updated scenery from the developer. He removed the double freq, butt still i only got “tune ENMS traffic” . Have you just now updated the airport in navigraph?

Yes, with AIRAC 2405 - the missing frequencies are now included. I will check the updated 3rd party scenery to compare it with the previous one …


With your navdata innstalled, If you try to start at the airport without a flightplan loaded, just start at the runway. Wich option do you get in the atc menu?

I have re-downloaded the EMNS 3rd party scenery but it looks for me the same as the previous version.

As you see in the screenshot from the AIP, there is no tower frequency available, also no departure … the APP (approach) frequency is a “control” frequency and should be a “Center” frequency. So, all these three frequencies are simple wrong (or at least partly wrong, when he means that APP means in his eyes “approach”).

But anyway, back to your question. Here, what I see, when I sit on the runway without loading anything. I open the ATC menue and see exactly that:

Thats, because the autotune of the frequency 123.400.

When I switch the frequency to ie. 121.500 and I re-open the ATC, I see that:

You see on the bottom - 1 - TUNE TOWER ON 123.400 …

But now I can´t do anything due the double frequencies with the different ATC types - again, the scenery designer must set the flag “deleteAllFrequencies” in his scenery to avoid that the underlying frequencies will be shown and can´t be used.

By the way, exactly the same behavior is without our data installed too - so only with the stock data. Thats not really a navdata issue, sorry.


I dont get what you are getting. The only option i get is “Tune ENMS traffic” where i only can announce taxi or takeoff. Nobody responds. Can it be something else on my end thats causing the problem? What is your xml file and the orders look like?

How many lines do you have in your content.xml file? mine looks like this

Screenshot 2024-05-21 190350

And the only option i get in atc is this: