MSFS CRJ Short field database

Is there a way to modify the files to get the shorter runway airports recognized by the FMS?

The SIDS, STARS and APP are in the database for the CRJ

A,LFTZ,LA MOLE,43.205278,6.481944,63,5000,0,3500,0

Please read the CRJ manual, this is a CRJ setting somewhere. As you have figured out, the data are available in our files.

Thank you,

Apparently a search says AP under 4500’ are not available in the FMS.

So I am still trying to trick the FMS into thinking an airport I regularly fly into as having a runway over 4500.

Seems silly as it’s a difficult approach and there’s never an issue about the RW length.


OK. I solved the issue by changing 3 values to 5000’ and my beloved St Tropez is now “in the database”.

Until the next cycle…

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