MSFS Aerosoft CRJ Missing CYTZ

I apologize in advance if this has already been posted, but I am unable to input CYTZ as the Origin or Destination in the MSFS Aerosoft CRJ. I followed the instructions to properly install the 2104 rev 2 AIRIC into the aircraft using the as_crj_pro_2104.exe installer. I tested the FBW A320NX and CYTZ is in the FMS. MSFS has also been updated with Navigraph 2104 AIRAC. I reviewed the airports.txt file within the …\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\Data\NavData path and found that it is missing CYTZ.

Is this intentional? I find it odd that I’m not able to set an airport as a departure in the FMC at all.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards.

sorry, but something is wrong on your system because the CYTZ is included …

Here directly from the airports.txt file:

… but the main point is the longest runway here, which is 3900 feet and the CRJ has 4000 ft as default value. I guess you can change it to a lower limit somewhere in the FMS but for more details please read the manual or ask in the AS CRJ forum.

According the navdata:
CYTZ is included with all SIDs/STARs and IAPs and should be selectable (when the runway-filter is off or the limits are lower - but this depends on the addon and not the data):

Hope that helps,

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Hi Richard - Thank you for the information. Of course after looking a second time in the airports.txt file, I found CYTZ. Appreciate the help sir.

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You´re welcome - I pretty sure, that the runway-length filter is the reason, why you can´t enter such airports. Happy flying and as always :wink: … let us know, if we can do more for you!


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