MSFS 2020 Approach doesn't match approach plate

It seams to me that the waypoint from the A320 MCDU approach and the approach plate from navigraph are not the same. I did an approach at CYYZ for RW 33R from RAGID 5 with the TORNI trans. When reaching RAGID the approach plate shows for the next waypoint VIDRO, that is a right turn from RAGID. Well the autopilot decide to go left to LERAT and then direct to REDOD. So why the MSFS A320 autopilot or MCDU not following the same approach as navigraph? I do install the navigraph charts for MSFS as soon as it come in the communities folder and yes I do delete the old one first.

Hi - could you add some screenshots from the A320 MCDU too, showing the flight plan there?