Instrument Approaches at KIZA

I was unable to find/load any approaches in the G1000 in the SR22 in MSFS 2020 (the PROC just showed “NONE”) for KIZA.

After some research, everyone recommended subscribing to Navigraph to load all the missing approaches into MSFS 2020.

After creating an account, subscribing, downloading Navdata Center and installing the AIRIC files (they are visible in the my Content Manager) I’m still not seeing any approaches (there are three GPS/VOR) for KIZA in the G1000.

Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I have looked in the data and I have the three available approach in the WorldMap

… and here when I select it in the SR22 (G1000):

So exactly the same as in the WorldMap …

Are you using the lastest Navigraph Navdata Center? Do you use Addon-Linker? Or have you installed a 3rd party scenery for KIZA?


Hi Richard -

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, those are the exact approaches I am missing.

To answer your questions…

  1. Just downloaded and installed the Navigraph Navdata Center last night, so I assume it is the most current.
  2. I don’t use Add-on Linker (don’t even know what that is).
  3. No 3rd party scenery for KIZA.
    Only 3rd party add-ons are:
  1. The Carendo Piper Arrow (downloaded in MSFS 2020)
  2. KSBA scenery (downloaded in MSFS 2020)
  3. GNS530 MOD

Although, I’ll be honest, in the World Map I don’t have the option to select Arrivals and Approaches (just airport and then runway or airport location) and my G1000 in the Cirrus is considerably different than your image. I’m starting to think I may not have the most current update/version of MSFS 2020 for Windows; however, there is no indication during the app launch that an update is available.

Hi again,
thanks for your details, make sure you have installed the lastest WT NXi G1000 installed. What I know is, that the updates will not be done automatically or will be announced somewhere in the sim. You must look in your Content-Manager, if there are updates or not.

Second to the WorldMap:
When you have entered the departure/arrival airport, you must select the airway-level (High/Low). After that the flightplan will be created and you can select the SIDs/STARs and the IAPs/Approaches. When you don´t select it, you have only a 1:1 connection between departure and arrival airport and you can´t select any terminal procedures.


Thanks so much!!!

I downloaded and installed the WT NXi G1000 and all is well.

I never would have though I’d need to upgrade. Actually, didn’t even know there was a G1000 upgrade.

Best Regards.

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