More airports in Antartica

Hello, do you plan to add more airports in Antartica into Simbrief database? I wanted to fly to AT27 Troll station but unfortunatelly it is kind of impossible when I cannot plan my fuel and ETOPS. :frowning:

For the Troll airfiel especially I even have charts with correct procedures used in real life with correct waypoints which I could give you to integrate it into Simbrief database, thank you and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

we are getting our data from Jeppesen and Jeppesen gets the data from the AIP´s of each countries. Therefore, when some airports are “missing” than it means, that there are not enough data for it and/or the countries doesn´t report this to the official AIPs.

The charts allown are not enough - first, we can´t and may not merge charts from any other source than from Jeppesen and second, for the data we need the records in the ARINC424 format to add it.