Add Troll Airport (AT27)

Hi! Is there any chance you could add Troll Airport (AT27) at Antarctica into the Simbrief, so the planning is possible? Czech VA, which is simulating a real life operations of Smartwings, has a flight there, and our pilots are unable to plan the flight through Simbrief.

GPS coordinates:
S7157.4 E00227.2
Mag Var 23W

Runways 27 (272 degrees) and 09 (093 degrees)

Relevant Initial Approach fixes:
RUDEG - S7146.7 E00303.8
RIKTI - S7157.8 E00317.7
AMULI S7150.1 E00328.6

we can add such records as tailored records but we need it in the ARINC424 format. Only these few data are not enough to add it in all our provided datasets, including SimBrief.

So, when you can offer the data in the standard ARINC424 format (v18,19 or 20) it’s possible to add as tailored records.

Merry X-Mas

Hi Richard!

Is there any chance I could get your email? I’d hate to publish the documents we have available publicly.

We cannot give you the data in the ARINC424 format, however, I can provide much deeper information.

you can send me a direct PM here … but I´m honest the effort to convert manual information in the corresponding ARINC424 format is too big for us. There are a lot of parameter which must be compared, merged and checked …

But let me look on the information you have, possible it´s easier as I thought at the moment …

Thank you very much,

Hi Richard,

I don’t see any option on your profile to send you a DM. Maybe I don’t have an access to that feature?

Many thanks!

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