Antarctica Airfields/Airports

Can we please add the Antarctic Airfields and Bases to sim brief for flight planning. Summing is coming up in the southern hemisphere and traffic in the real world with be picking up down there. Even Norse Atlantic Airways announced that they’re planning to land a 787 at Troll Airfield (ENOE/AT27). The first 787 in Antarctica. Would it be possible to add the airfields and such to the simbrief planner?

Troll Airfield at Qeen Maud Land Antartica
Lat: -71.955278 Long: 2.4675
RWY: 07/25 3206m 9927ft Blue Ice
Elevation: 1220m 4002ft
Airfield Owner: Norwegian Polar Institute
Norse Atlantic Airways Boeing 787 landet and departet the airfield on Nov 16 2023