Ability to plan flights to remote places with Simbrief by using Custom Airport Fixes

Dear @SimBrief,

Simbrief has so many features and is super accurate and awesomely made, in order that we can plan our flights as realistic, as possible.

But one feature is still missing. When planning flights to remote places on Earth, like Wolf’s Fang Runway (AT98) in Antarctica or Baikonur (UAOL) in Kazakhstan, it would be great, if we could define the arrival airport/airstrip with GPS coordinates and a custom name, even though it is not the in Navigraph database. (Custom Airport Fix)

For example you could add a feature in Simbrief, where you can click next to the arrival airport ICAO and add the GPS coordinates of your arrival destination, including a custom name and have the ability to edit this arrival destination fix, as you need to. Above you would type the name of your custom airport fix and below you would enter the coordinates of it, in order to plan flights there.

Many airports/airstrips in Antarctica, Greenland, Northern Canada etc. don’t have an ICAO and are not in the database, but still it would be great, if we could at least have a feature to plan/dispatch flights there, by using the GPS coordinates of the destination.

At the moment this is only possible by entering the departure ICAO in the arrival ICAO field twice and adding the waypoints of your route. But in this case, it always draws a line back to the departure airport, which is not really accurate in terms of fuel and route planning etc.

Maybe it could look like the custom airframe feature, which you can edit to your own needs/likings. You could add the airport/airstrip, which is not in the Navigraph database, manually to the Simbrief Airport list, by adding some information like: GPS coordinates, Elevation, RWY length etc. and then you would be able to select it. Of course it would only be a fix you could make use of, which won’t stay permanently there. It would only be for yourself, like the custom airframes.

Simbrief always forces you to enter a valid ICAO, if you could go around that restriction for flights to remote places, that would be great. (a tickbox to activate/deactivate that would be great)



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I just wanted to request exactly this, it would be so much helpful.

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So how I resolved this issue was to just be sure your remote place or Custom Airport has been added by you to the Sim from your community folder, then set your destination to any airport you want, then click on Origin airport in the FMC then enter your preferred destination in the scratch pad and add it to the “New Destination” option. Add your desired airways, waypoints and fixes that enroute you to the destination you prefer, Now your preferred remote airport will be the destination of your flight plan as if it were already in the Simbrief plan. Hope that helps as it has been a joy for me as well.