Missing waypoints over Copenhagen

Hello Navigraph Team,

for some reason with AIRAC 2107 I can not find the waypoint: ADOVI
They are in the EKCH Copenhagen approach sector.

They still can be found here: https://aim.naviair.dk/media/files/5l1spobyr43/EK_AD_2_EKCH_STAR_22_L_2_en.pdf

Is it a bug in the latest airac or were they removed? If they were removed, is there any way to find a history of changes made in the airac?

Thank you and best regards


Edit: LAMOX is fine

Thanks Thorben, let me check it please …

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Oddly I see LAMOX here (e.g. Navigraph for X-Plane “custom data” and X-Plane 11 native, NG Charts searchable map too).

But not ADOVI. The waypoint is also depicted on Jeppesen chart 10-2K but not present on the Navigraph Charts map either.

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I can confirm that. I did edit my post above. Probably I did a typo when I checked all the waypoints in the arrival charts. So only ADOVI is missing.

Hi again,
I have check the source and indeed ADOVI isn´t included but on the other hand, I´m just currious … ADOVI is only needed for lost communication … don´t understand me wrong, missing is missing of course, but for what do you need it and/or what was the reason for this question?


PS: we will check, if this waypoint is included in the next cycle - possible that there is a special reason for that …

I’m sorry to intervene here, but it is not used only for lost comms. As you can tell on plate 10-2K, the fix is part of the direct arrival fixes to EKCH that is both used very frequently IRL and on Vatsim :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Unless a procedure have been changed that I don’t know about, the document (which is taken directly from Naviairs website) above states that it is used in daily practice.

Can you see if the comm-failure bit is specific to the 2107 cycle or where is that information from?

thanks for the information. We will see if this waypoint is included in the next cycle.

Thanks for your reports and your help

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