Missing waypoints in STARs, a Prosim error or Navigraph error?

(P3D v4 and v5, Prosim 737 v2 and 3)
Hello! I have read through a year worth of this forum, and I found one person asking the same question I have:

“why are all the waypoints in the transition not included and just get corners? On VATSIM the controllers often give you a corner cutting using one of the waypoints”.

In my FMC I get just “the corners”, and cannot fly direct to any of the waypoints between:


Is this a Prosim “feature”, or is it missing in the FMC data I get from Navigraph?

Tore Stabell Kulo

I have checked all waypoints and all waypoints can be selected/entered.
According the charts, the official routing goes only thru the “corners”

… but of course the ATC can cut these “corners” and can give you a “direct” to any other waypoint on the route. The waypoints are all available.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for a quick reply!
What do you mean by “The waypoints are all available”, should they all appear in the FMC?

Yes, it should be possible to enter these waypoints because they are in the database.


OK, thank you for great support.


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