Bae146 Professional P3d v5-v6


There is No STAR and Transition points in the FMC with the updated airac. Usually I fly in Europe like LSGG, LFPO, LFMN, LEVC, LEMD, but it looks like that none of the airport contain the TRANSITION / STARS navigation points in the FMC. When I install the new navigation files from Navigraph, the NAV database doesn’t refresh itself. I have to insert the new files manually. Looks like there is no problem with the SID waypoints.
The correct location for the navigation database is \Prepar3D v5\JustFlight\Nd
(I use the 146 in v6 as well however it’s not supported)
I checked the file location. I can select STAR-s in the FMC but the waypoints and the transitions are missing. I contacted JustFlight before , they navigated me here.
Thank you for your kind assistance.
Kind regards,