Missing waypoint

The waypoint of the “SENKA” that exists on the missing side of the middle of the SCOOP > METRO waypoint near Taoyuan (RCTP) airport is missing, the picture I attached is the ND of the actual 737 aircraft, Can you check this problem?

The photo was taken recently in August, and as a result of searching skyvector, the waypoint “SENKA” did not exist, As shown in ND, SENKA is definitely a point that should exist, but it’s really weird

what waypoint should SENKA be? A enroute or a terminal waypoint?

I have looked into the AIP of Taiwan and there is no waypoint SENKA available any longer. You find SCOOP, METRO, … but no SENKA.

That would also explains why you don’t see this waypoint on Skyvector (which is complete independent to us and which uses their own data) nor in our app.

The waypoint was included in the previous cycle, so it looks like SENKA is obsolete since AIRAC 2308.

Hope that helps

Thank you. Can you confirm SENKA in the previous cycle?

sorry, no - the SENKA what I have found was a enroute waypoint in Sudan (Africa). I have checked the cycles back to 2301 no SENKA in this region, so it looks that this waypoint is either a tailored waypoint of the specific airline. I have also no idea what type of waypoint this should be … for a terminal procedure or on an airway. Currently, SENKA doesn´t exist in the official public AIP. Sorry.


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