Missing waypoint RW01L at YBBN


when planning a flight to YBBN Brisbane I got the following Message:

Procedures could not be loaded:
Missing waypoint RW01L at YBBN
Missing runways should be reported to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. Click “Learn more” to go there and file an automated report.

I have the latest AIRAC 2213 installed and using the latest ORBX YBBN Scenery.
The issue occurs with default and freeware scenery as well.

Any Ideas?

Unfortunately X-Plane’s default avionics do not consider addon sceneries and get runway data exclusively from the default airport data (which cannot be updated by Navigrah). It is also likely X-Plane 11 will no longer receive scenery updates, so you’re a bit stuck.

You may:

(1) fly in and out of YBBN using exclusively aircraft with custom, non-Laminar avionics (which generally use either a different database where runway data does not come from X-Plane, or consider addon scenery packs when building their runway data)

(2) ignore the error (but some – maybe all – procedures for YBBN will be missing and need to be entered manually in the FMS or flown using raw data)

(3) wait to fly in and out of YBBN until X-Plane 12 receives updated scenery for it

(4) manually edit the default apt.dat file by hand to add the new runways



Actually, you may be able to simply copy:

X-Plane/Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/apt.dat


X-Plane/Resources/default scenery/default apt dat/Earth nav data/apt.dat

as the former has the updated runways for YBBN but for some reason Laminar did not include those changes in the latter, go figure.



Hey Tim,

thanks for your advice. So far it seems to work.
May there are other possible drawbacks by applying this workaround?


Not anymore, that I now of. In the early days of X-Plane 11 (or maybe it was X-Plane 10, I don’t remember exactly), I think the Global Airports only had airports definitions for which corresponding 3D assets existed in Global Airports (so you’d be losing hundreds of airports by copying), but that’s not the case in X-Plane 11.55, as far as I can tell.



BTW, there is also: X-Plane 11 Global Airports Update - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum

Eventually, as the gateway starts accepting X-Plane 12-only scenery packs, this package will stop being updated, but it’s still more recent than what X-Plane 11.55 ships with anyway.



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