Missing STARs at SBGO


I am using the FBW320 and when selecting the SBGO airport in the MCDU the STAR “GILGO 1A and GILGO 1B” is not available.
And by deleting the navigraph package they become available.
I already did the procedure of deleting the Content.xml but it didn’t solve it.

I have open a new topic - please don´t hijack other postings in the future :wink:

To your report - thank you very much for that. Indeed, I can confirm that these at least GILGO1A is missing … but we have all these procedures in our database, so it must be any other reason, why our parser hadn´t exported it …

I will marked this as “bug” and I will analyze and fix this issue … this topic will not be closed, till I have fixed it. I will inform you here, when it´s done or when I have any news for you …

Again, thank you very much for this hint … I do my best to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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Hi again,
just a short update to this - I have now tried to analyze this issue and I know now why this is missing.

Due this report - I have found a long-term bug in the terminal procedures but this fix doesn´t solve this issue :thinking: … therefore I plan a second revision for 2304.

This procedure is missing because it´s marked as helicopter procedure in such procedures will be filtered out. We have the GILG1A in our database but as helicopter STAR …
So, no bug in this case - it will be exported when it would be marked a “normal” plane procedure.

What will we do now?
We will ask Jeppesen, why this procedure is defined as helicopter-procedure. Possible there is a reason for that which we don´t know.

Please be still patience, we try to figure out this reason - topic will be still open.


Thanks a lot for the feedback.
I will be waiting.