Hello I was flying into EIDW earlier on vatsim and wanted to select the BAGSO1Z STAR for RWY10R but it is not in the navdata for the aerosoft airbus FSX/32bit version. All the other 1Z STARS are present except the BAGSO1Z. Checked the proc text file and it is indeed missing from the data. Cycle 2013.

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Hi Brian,

Yes this has been so since AIRAC 2011 when runway changed from 10 to 10R. We are investigating.


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I would just like to add that I tried to fly the BAGSO2L in the A320NX and it didn’t match the charts

Hi Daniel,

Mine shows OK.

Maybe post a screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots


hmmm, mine looks nothing like that

this is a typical example, why nobody should hijack a posting with any other question. Also why we need the requested information to help you.

The OP uses the FSX and you MSFS. So please open a new posting in the corresponding category with your report and the necessary information according the FAQ, that we can try to help you.

Thank you very much,

My apologies, i wasn’t trying to hijack. I did a search and saw this that looked similar and didn’t really look that it was in a different section. My apologies again

I see the new 2014 cycle is still missing the BAGSO1Z STAR, has the issue been found as to why yet?

Ping re: missing procedure BAGS1Z (as of cycle 2107). Procedure still exists and/or charted, but not in Navigraph data (e.g. X-Plane 11 native database).

overseen completely - sorry for that and thanks for the reminder (after 7 months :flushed:) …

Still not in the source, and I don´t find any answer why … We will open a ticket and will ask our data provider.
Sorry for that delay … as soon, we have an answer, I will come back here - but you will not wait additional 7 months - 100% :slight_smile:

Sorry and cheers,

Hahaha no problem Richard.

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So guys, you can expect it with the next cycle. We have identified why this procedure wasn’t exported correctly. This should be fixed now and we have also the confirmation for that.

I will let open this topic, till the next cycle, when you see that BAGSO1Z is really included :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for your patience and also sorry for the delay to solve this. Human error, excuse please …



Hi guys,
I only want to inform you, that the BAGS1Z STAR is definitively included in the next upcoming AIRAC cycle 2108 - thank you very much also to Jeppesen, our data provider for their great support - and of course, your patience in this case :wink:


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