Missing STAR for SCEL

With SCEL arrival and AIRAC 2104 rev1, I don’t see STAR UMKA5C for ILS17R on my FMS.

Hi Jean-Luc,
I guess the reason is the real-world temp change - which will not be reflected in the sim, it looks. 17R is closed and renamed temporary to 19/35L:

I have checked the data now and the UMKA5C is included but due the “missing” runway 17R all procedures for 17L/R will be disabled by the sim. That is also the reason, why you don´t see ANY terminal procedures for the runways 17L/R.

You see this also directly in the sim, where the runway-ident is missing which should be VORDME 19.

Sorry, but our data reflects the real-world as you see

Thanks for explanation. Ok i don’t read notam, only Simbrief flight plan :pleading_face:

According the NOTAMS - the runway 17L/R should be back to normal with end of April (29th). That means, with the next AIRAC cycle, all terminal procedures will be back (or when ASOBO removes these limitation before - who knows :-))


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