Missing SID for SCEL RWY17L/R


All SCEL SID for 17L and 17R are unavailable within the WT CJ4 FMS. But only SID for 35L/R are available. Navigraph application shows multiple SID for 18L/R. E.g. is the DONT4A for 17L/R.

  1. Navigraph FMS Data Manager has been updated.
  2. Navigraph database has been updated. Latest AIRAC 2103.
  3. Active Navigraph subscription.
  4. SCEL is stock ASOBO. No addons.

Strangely the charts for SID 17L/R are available and displayed in the charts display within the cockpit.

I have never encountered missing SID with Navigraph FMS Data Manager and WT CJ4 FMS.
Appreciate any help in identifying the cause.

Thank you.


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you will find the answer here:


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Thank you very much Richard.

i was trying to search for previous reported issues but didn’t manage to find any; probably due to my error.


no need to apologies … absolutely ok. Due my daily business here :wink: … I know the postings/topics sometimes better than the search :slight_smile:
So, don´t hesitate to contact us again if you have any question …

Have a nice day,

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