Missing SSR as IAF for PAJN LDA X RWY 8

For the LDA X approach to PAJN a number of IAFs/VIAs are available in the navdata, but SSR is missing. EEF exists and is in almost the same location, but SSR is often the one that is part of the route. All charts show both EEF and SSR as IAFs.

This is not just MSFS, X-Plane navdata has the same issue. For LDA Z there is SSR as an IAF, but I don’t use that as no charts for LDA Z appear to be available anywhere.

For comparison, the Garmin Trainer offers both SSR and EEF for the LDA X.

first of all, welcome and thanks for your report.

I guess, this current notam is the reason, why the SSR transition is missing - the SSR VORT is out of service till April 8th:

03/420 NOTAMN
B) 2303230147
C) 2304081500EST

PS: IAF´s are not equal transitions … but in this case it´s valid and SSR is missing due the notam above.

Hope that helps,

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