Missing IAF at KTEX

KTEX RNAV Z RWY 9. There are four transition points. Using Navigraph data, the ETL IAF is not displayed as a transition choice in the G1000 NXi. Using stock sim data, all four points correctly appear.

KTEX RNAV Z RWY 9 - Procedure.PDF (280.4 KB)

With Navigraph data:

With stock data:

The ETL is also designed as IF that means you don’t need a own transition definition because the approach starts in every case from ETL.

You see this also on the ND, the approaches are equal. Again, it looks thart the FAA coded this as an own transition. Jeppesen not, because its useless … There is no difference in the waypoint sequence between FAA and Jeppesen, with or without a own transition. The result is the same.


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