Certain approach waypoints missing from approach procedure

Some approach procedures have missing IAFs or IFs.

The RNAV 27L approach at KPTK has LEHRA as an IAF and FNT as a feeder to LEHRA (https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/2201/pdf/05052R27L.PDF). The FMS data, however, has FNT as an IAF and does not have LEHRA as an IAF option at all.

The ILS RWY 6 at KTEB (https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/2201/pdf/00890IL6.PDF) is missing VINGS when vectors are selected.

I have looked into the data and all IAF´s correct in place. Here a screenshot with LNM, when you´re using our dataset AIRAC 2201:

You see, FNT isn´t a IAF, but LEHRA … so, correct so far.

Exactly the same here - looking via LNM on the coded procedures, you see your “missing” VINGS waypoint:

So, both are coded correctly according the reference charts you have posted.


@NAVData Respectfully, I don’t believe that is correct. LEHRA should be available as an FMS selectable transition, like GUZVY or KUHNA, because it is an IAF like GUZVY or KUHNA.

The issue with VINGS is that it only comes up on the SBJ transition, but ATC (VATSIM and I believe IRL as well) will clear to VINGS when being vectored, even when the SBJ transition isn’t being used

So, I believe there should be a Transition for LEHRA and VINGS should be an initial fix for the ILS06 because it is not solely part of the SBJ transition


As can be seen here, the approach should begin at an IAF, not a feeder transition like FNT.

The approach has “normally” two parts.

  1. approach transition part
  2. final part

The final part for KPTK R27L starts at GUZVY
There are three (in the FAA dataset four) transitions FNT, GUZVY and KUHNA (+ FAA LEHRA) - the FNT is an initial fix and you see very clear on the official FAA charts, this navaid as a part of the transition. You also see no other navaid/waypoint on any other IAFs

So, the FNT transition is correct so far - but due the “limitation” of the FNT transition you can fly directly to LEHAR also by removing the FNT navaid.

In the FAA dataset, you have also the FNT transition included - so this is an FAA standard and is 100% identically to our data. The only difference is, that the FAA data has a sperate LEHAR transition which we don´t have but that´s normal coding and not a mistake.

The same for VINGS - when you look on the offical FAA charts, you see that VINGS is part of the SBJ transition but nothing else. So ATC can cleared to VINGS but why should this a transition than? The FACF is DANDY.


I understand that VINGS is an intermediate fix on SBJ, so that makes sense. But if the FAA has LEHRA as a transition, why isn’t LEHRA a transition in the FMS data?

Because it´s not 100% clear for external provider … the requirement for a transition is not that the starting waypoint is an “IAF” and when you look on the charts you see that it´s not 100% clear if LEHAR is defined as own transition or not but it´s clear defined that FNT is a own transition. I assume that´s the reason for that …


Could LEHRA be added as a transition?

not sure, at least we will not add it manually - but we will try to ask Jeppesen in one of our next requests. I have create a task on my list and when we have gotten an answer, I will let you know …
Hope that´s ok for you … :wink:


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