Missing sids / start for scie airport

With last cycle, got no SIDS and STARS for this airport. If i go back to the one from September 9 to Ocotber 6 it works fine.



Did you mean Charts?

For FMS Data, which OS, FS, Addon?


Using a320 Neo FlyByWire, in MCDU not showing. With previous cycle it works fine. I have always used windows 10, and Flight Simulator 2020, previous cycles worked fine, but no with the last one.

the problem is, the runway 02/20 at SCIE is closed since 1st of September and they have “opened” a temporary runway 02R/20L.

Here the corresponding notam:
A4173/21 NOTAMN Q) SCEZ/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A/000/999/3646S07304W005 A) SCIE B) 2109030400 C) 2112022359 E) RWY 02/20 CLSD. SEE SUP AIP-S09 SCIE CIERRE DE PISTA

Here also the real-world charts, what you find in our application:

… or directly from the AIP Chile (SUP S09/21):

We have all terminal procedures for SCIE (with the temp new runways 02R/20L) included in our files, but you can´t use it because the sim can´t assign these terminal procedures to the missing runways. In other words, the stock scenery in the sim shows only 02/20 but no 02R/20L and therefore no procedures are selectable.

We may not add/change runway/runway idents on existing airports, therefore we can´t do nothing in this case. In the moment, when the original runways are back (begin of December according the notam), all procedures are back too.

Hope that helps, but this is the reality :wink:

Thanks for the quick answer and the clarification about the Notam!

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