AIRAC with default Aircraft

I noticed that KSAT has missing SIDS/STARS when using “default aircraft” or those that don’t have a separate install button in the Navigraph Hub (i.e. the new iniA300).

Is this a MSFS problem or has the AIRAC not installed correctly?

it’s an MSFS issue. When you look on the charts you will see, that the runway 13L/31R is currently closed/under construction.

The real world data (which we use) reflects these temporary change at KSAT but not the MSFS. The MSFS disables all terminal procedures when the procedures can’t be assigned to a runway. Thats not a navdata issue, its a “feature” (a bad one) in the MSFS. We may not change/close runways even when we could, sorry.


Hi Richard

Thanks for that. I’m using iniBuilds San Antonio so I’ll message them and hopefully this can be resolved within their scenery.



Hi Alex
you’re welcome but what I understood is, that this runway is closed temporary and therefore it’s unlikely that they will change the scenery only for this period, but possible (and I hope for you) I am wrong.


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