Missing SID & STAR after installing 2013

Last night I did a flight from EGGP to EGPH I flew IFR (high Altitude Airways) I used a WAL2T departure and came into Edinburgh on RWY 24 through TLA.
I updated Navigraph this morning to 2013 and I now have no SID listed for EGGP and no arrivals for EGPH everything is direct on World Map Page.
I opened plane at Gate with a view to entering details at MCDU but no SID available.
Have I done something wrong when updating? I removed 2012 and pressed install for 2013

I have removed 2013 and then reinstalled it. On restarting MSFS the SIDS and STARS are there

Thanks for the feedback. It could be the wrong order in the scenery file.

Therefore it is always highly recommanded to remove our dataset ONLY via our client.

Thanks again for the report

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