SCEL no SIDs for RWY 17L/17R

I was trying a sector from SCEL to SAEZ, and noticed that there are no SIDs selectable for runways 17L and 17R. Only 35L and 35R are showing up.

Using latest AIRAC (2107) installed through the 1.0.0 navdata center. Tried a re-install, didn’t solve the problem.

Removing the Navigraph AIRAC altogether and using the builtin MSFS NAVBLUE base works correctly, I am able to select all of the runways.

please use the search function - there are several postings/questions about this. In all, you find your answer. Thank you very much!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the prompt response.

Is there any workaround available for this (other than uninstalling your product), or is Asobo working on fixing this? I understand that 17R is closed in the real world, but there is no scenery available in the simulator that would reflect this, plus this also kills the procedures for 17L.

For offline flying it doesn’t really mater, but navdata needs to be reliable in order to be useable on VATSIM, and missing RNAV procedures are a bit of a show stopper.

No, sorry - we may not add or change runways accoding ASOBO - so we can´t fix it even when we could. This can only be fixed by ASOBO, sorry …


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