Missing radar fixes on KLAX - 24R Approach

Recently (for last couple of AIRAC Cycles) when flying to KLAX, At CRCUS I was cleared by VATSIM ATC for ILS 24R Approach. I dial that into the FMC and next radar fix that the FMC gives me is MERCE. Thereby omitting the following fixes (SKOLL, DECOR, BREEA, PALAC, LIVVN and BROUK). Seems strange. I am and user of X-Plane 11 and MSFS. I’ve only been flying the airliners on X-Plane lately. I have noticed this behavior only on X-Plane.

I have fully updated my FMC (updated yesterday).

I believe that I’m performing the same steps as I used to, when I would get all of the fixes. Could I be doing something wrong procedurally?

One additional note, I do use the ZIBO 737.

In a PMDG 737 you would need to select a VIA ( from the IAF ), LIVVN, CRCUS or SEAVU.

Is this not an option ?

Yeah, that does work, they pulled right in… I totally didn’t see that as in the Zibo it is right below the runway.

I recently reached a breaking point trying to fly the airliners on MSFS, so for that I’ve switched over to X-Plane. I think they will get there, it’s just going to be awhile. Moral of the story, I guess my brain has been on overload with all that is new and different, on top of the fact going back to the 737 from the A320 and the differences in FMC’s.

I guess I’ve just missed it while on X-Plane.

Thanks for the assist,

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