Missing Procedures

still present for me

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I have moved your posts here to separate.

Make sure you are using the latest v 1.0.3 of Navigraph Navdata Center

We feel you likely have a bad or non compatible package in your list. We suggest you move all packages into a backup folder outside the community folder , excluding our folders. Restart the sim and you should see all approaches. If so it is not a Navigraph issue.

You could then add packages back into the community folder until you find the one causing the issue.

Also please advise which MSFS version you have - standard, premium, premium deluxe and also from Steam or Marketstore?


additional to Ian´s question … do you use Addon-Linker or similar else or why is your content.xml file is so sorted? The sort order is partly important in this file and should not be changed … so, what is the cause, that your file is alphabetical sorted?


Hi to all, thanks for your support.
I have just tried again to do the steps reported by Ian and now I can see the procedures on MSFS.
So far they are missing just in the CJ4 Working Title FMS.
What I can do for this last issue ?

Have a nice day

EDIT : Working now also for CJ4. Thanks a lot

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