ENSN missing

Hey, I have seen 2 other topics covering this, but:
-ENSN is in Navigraph charts, with full runway information- so it’s there now!
-it is not in the AIRAC database and thus does not show up at all using the TDS GTN Pro, for example.
Was it overlooked in the navdata?

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Hmm, what you see in Navigraph Charts is based on the AIRAC database. I can find it in the database directly as well. Are you sure that you typed in the ICAO code correctly?

We can verify the GTN Pro database specifically after the holidays if the issue persists!

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Hey there,

Thanks for the reply. I already contacted TDS about it, as ENSN doesn’t show up on the GTNxi Pro at all (map, search, airport data, nothing).
They said they cannot find it in their navdata set at all, and I should ask on your side.

the reason, why this airport(s) is/are missing is, because there are no runway information available in the AIRAC source, only the airport reference point and thats in nearly all addons an issue (to have only the airport coordinates but no runways).

Here, when you click on the runways, the page is empty:

Therefore these airports will be disabled during the export and therefore you can’t select it in the TDS.

Hope that helps

Hi, thats not what I see in the Charts App. Here a screenshot- all information seems to be there.

While it’s not filled in the Info section, in the charts (main screen) you can see 01/19, which is correct. This info has to come from somewhere, I suppose?

the map shows a part of the OpenAIP which is not part of an AIRAC cycle, therefore you see the runway idents. In info panel, you see (or as in this case not) the pur AIRAC data.

There are no runway information available in the AIRAC data and therefore, the runways are missing in the info panel and also in all datasets for the addons.

Hope that helps

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