Missing NavData Only option

The option to purchase a navdata-only subscription is missing. Has this been moved to a different place?

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I also really do not appreciate the massive ad I get when I try to log in, horrible.

Hi and welcome,
no, you can still buy the “Navigation data” packages as in the past but we have moved it directly in the “account dashboard”. So login first and go to your “Account” dashboard - here you have the possibility to order to the “Navdata only” package.

Hope that helps,

I’m not getting this. Just another add for the monthly combined subscription… Perhaps I’m missing something?


when you have logged in, on the top-right corner you have your name, click on the arrow and open the “Your Account” page. When this page opens you find the “Get a Navdata subscription” link …

Again, it´s important that you are logged in …


Hi, Thanks for the reply. I don’t have a problem getting the Subscribe button, but I was hoping there was an option for a data only subscription.

Unfortunately, the one that pops up is for the Ultimate subscription, albeit 25% off.

Please read my posting above again and look on the screenshot (yellow underlined). There is a navdata only subscription (below the two ultimate subscription buttons) available as in the past.


My sincerest apologies. Thank you for pointing it out… I did not see that second yellow line.


No need to apologies Ernie, fine when you found it. Happy flying, a nice weekend and let us know, when you have any more questions :wink:


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